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Accommodations are available at a discounted hotel room rate on a first come basis. Once I have your nonrefundable deposit if you need a room, you will be given a hotel code. On this pilgrimage we delve into your divine feminine using the iconography of Isis Mother Mary, Miriam of Magda Mary Magdalene, and the Black Madonna the dark we hide that enlightens. This pilgrimage is specifically designed to inspire, realign, heal, and become more deeply aware of the empowered Divine Feminine within your Self and to embrace the protection of your Divine Masculine.


These will include monuments, churches, labyrinths, pagan caves, Cathar strongholds and Celtic hallowed sites. Nonrefundable deposits are required by December 15, This pilgrimage is only being offered to 6 participants, only 3 slots remain. Introduction to the Seneca Earthpath Wisdom Wheels. Grandmother Twylah Nitsch, and her mother Blue Flower, formatted the oral teachings of her People, the Seneca, into a philosophical study based on Wisdom Wheels. I was given permission to share this body of knowledge after sitting with Gram for 12 years.

This course will teach you the basics of how to use specific Wisdom Wheels for aligning and balancing your life as you move forward during the coming times, and possibly to encourage others in your sphere of influence to do the same.

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All 3 classes are mandatory if you wish to participate. Materials : notebook, set of 16 colored pencils not crayons or magic markers , ruler. Everything else will be provided. Inner Personalities with Shama Viola of Damanhur. Each of us lives a complex reality of desires, thoughts, dreams and ideas.

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Our cultural education and genetic make-up teaches us to think of ourselves as a single individual, but in reality the physical body is shared by multiple "individuals" known as "personalities"—each with its own function fundamental to the workings of the whole. The class entail exercises based on forms of artistic expression and play, in addition to various meditation techniques. Sunday evening there is a party that is part of the weekend.

Deposits need to be made by check and not by Pay Pal or Venmo, as the funds go into a special account and not to me. There will be a set payment schedule to insure we meet our payment deadlines. Damanhur requests euros, and I am quoting in dollars. The Crowley Thoth Tarot deck is one of the most unique decks in terms of symbology and arcane information.

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The intent of this workshop is to introduce you to the 22 major arcana trump cards of this particular deck. Registration closes on October 5, so I can prepare materials. Class will go on if only 8 sign-up. Less than 8 participants and class will be cancelled and funds returned. I teach a variety of workshops see below and am open to travel to your area. List of my workshops:. Refund policy for international speakers : There is usually a prepaid in full option offered for these workshops, up to a certain date. Once that date has passed, the fee is set at higher price point.

Refunds will not be available 1 month out from the date of workshop.

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Refund policy for International Journeys or Pilgrimages : Usually monies are requested in increments for these journeys. There is always a nonrefundable deposit required. The conjunction between Jupiter and Saturn. The year is very important because this year marks the beginning of a new era: the conjunction between Jupiter and Saturn.

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This initiates a new cycle of 20 years. This conjunction will mainly affect the water signs; Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces.

This also applies for your ascendant or moon in Pisces, Scorpio or Cancer. Jupiter and Saturn are the great rulers of time.

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They determine the rhythm of culture and history. These conjunctions happen every 20 years and they represent the end of a cycle and the beginning of a new cycle. In you enter into deep and fulfilling relationships. Read your full horoscope Aries, click here. In your financial picture can improve enormously.

Read your full horoscope Taurus, click here. Prepare to build a foundation this year that will continue to grow over the coming years. Read your full horoscope Gemini, click here. In you will become more confident in work and career. Read your full horoscope Cancer, click here.

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